With only 48 hours to go before the big vote, the opinion polls have not changed from their view that no particular party will gain an overall majority. There appears to be a change in the mood of the voter away from two party politics and it just may be that we won’t see one party dominating for some time to come. Is this a bad thing however?
Politicians could move away from constantly criticising their opponents and start developing where the current coalition has left off. Business used to think that it had to own everything to offer it, however in recent years there has been a marked change as many companies have worked in partnership recognising that they don’t have the skills and expertise to provide every product and service. A classic example of this in the south west is the Somerset Larder http://www.somersetlarder.co.uk/ which was initially formed to bid for the first contract offered by EDF as part of the Hinkley Point project. Recognising that the 20 plus individual businesses did not have the breadth and depth of expertise to bid for the contract to supply the catering for the site workforce, they decided to form a company limited by guarantee to work togther. Winning the contract was difficult and led to some ground breaking legal contracts if nothing else, however the result has been a fantastic example of how to add 2 plus 2 and make 5. So successful has it been that not only have they won the contract but they are now bidding to acquire other national contracts. Each business has their own skill and brings something to the party.
The risk for the country is that the recovery in the economy is weak, and we need careful and steady management to encourage business to develop and drive the growth in both manufacturing and services that is needed. There are numerous examples in business as Somerset Larder has proved that working together with shared objectives even with different backgrounds can prove very successful. Politicians take note and learn!