Monday mornings, just the start of a new week or an opportunity for a new way forward? Most of us who are involved in running businesses probably never switch off, however after a weekend we normally just get back into the usual routine and start the working week in the same way that we finished the previous one. Nothing wrong there, however are there things we could be doing better, or are there things we shouldn’t be doing at all?

Following the election, many businesses have been ‘on hold’ waiting to see what direction the country and the economy will be going in. Reading the weekend papers, an example of this is that an immediate bonus has appeared to have been the number of houses put on the market or deals agreed. The market had gone flat for a period of weeks and yet now is alive again with prices expected to rise further over the next few months.

Is this a time to think again and look at the opportunities for your business? Are there new markets with potential customers that you can explore? Equally with expected pressure on wages and an anticipated shortage of good potential staff, are you maximising productivity and profitability?

How many small to medium size businesses are run like multi-nationals where there is the time and resource to ensure that performance is optimised? Taking time to evaluate your business can be very difficult and time consuming as we are all busy people; however the successful ones are those who do it.

An athlete doesn’t just jog along at their existing pace, they strive to constantly improve, better their time and look to win. Successful teams invest in the future and constantly build to improve their position, winning is everything. It is interesting how sport has embraced external influences from psychologists, dieticians, technology and other areas that can support their improvement and give them an advantage. The question I would pose is how many businesses do this, how keen are you to win and beat the competition? That is where external support is so crucial, someone with an objective viewpoint who can confirm that you are either on the right track or that you are potentially missing other opportunities. My passion is to see companies working at their optimum level, working effectively and efficiently, with a clear understanding where they are now and where they want to be in the future. It costs nothing to have an initial meeting with Strategy Boxed, so why not make this Monday the start of something new, or just confirm that you are taking advantage of every opportunity available to you. This week could be the first step on a new and exciting journey!