We are heading towards the end of August and the holiday season is now in the the twilight period. Recent years have seen July and August as a time of fallow where it appears that very little gets done other than the day to day elements of running a business. Holidays are important, and vital to keep the brain fresh and the body strong, however September is fast approaching and the period between now and the beginning of December is crucial for most businesses to make the most of the market before the next holiday slow down!

Equally time off can lead us all to reflect on where our business is going, and whether we think that changes should be made. Holidays are a great time to muse on options and initiatives, however when we return and immerse ourselves in the business many of those great ideas and good intentions disappear. September, like January, is the time when we really should look to take those reflective thoughts further. We should ask ourselves some basic questions.
Are we making as much profit as we should?
Are our sales increasing?
Are all of our staff advocates for the business?
Do we know what the competition is doing and do we have clear plans to mitigate any competitive pressures?
Do we have a clear plan for the next 12-36 months?

If we have not answered yes to all of these questions then we ought to do something about the underlying issues. Now is the time to make a difference. At Strategy Boxed we have the competence and the partners to help resolve all of these and many more critical issues with your business. Our initial meeting and ‘health check’ are free and if things have been identified that can be fixed there is no further obligation, however we trust that you will be confident that
we can work with you to resolve any of your issues. Therefore with this in mind there really is no reason why those holiday muses cannot be turned into reality!