Sadly the end of the holidays are in sight!

We are heading towards the end of August and the holiday season is now in the the twilight period. Recent years have seen July and August as a time of fallow where it appears that very little gets done other than the day to day elements of running a business. Holidays... read more

FIFA and the business world?

The crisis surrounding football’s ruling body FIFA is a classic example of when a business leader becomes disenfranchised from his customers. The alleged malpractice at FIFA has created reverberations around the world and one person’s name has been synonymous with the... read more

Just another Monday?

Monday mornings, just the start of a new week or an opportunity for a new way forward? Most of us who are involved in running businesses probably never switch off, however after a weekend we normally just get back into the usual routine and start the working week in... read more

What can business learn from the election?

Following a night that appeared to bear no resemblance to the polls before the event, we are faced with an unprecedented scenario in modern times where three party leaders have resigned within 60 minutes due to the performance at the ballot box. The new government... read more

Can politicians learn from the example of business?

With only 48 hours to go before the big vote, the opinion polls have not changed from their view that no particular party will gain an overall majority. There appears to be a change in the mood of the voter away from two party politics and it just may be that we... read more


Denys Rayner is Managing Director of Strategy Boxed who work with companies to provide strategic and business advice